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Photoshoot Process

Although I can usually accommodate even the most demanding schedule, the typical turnaround time from shoot to finish is only 5 business days. Let’s go over each step in the process:

Step 1 - Pre-Shoot

You are as much a part of the design process as you want to be. By phone or email, we’ll first go over what type of image you are looking for; how you plan on using these images; and who you viewing audience is. We’ll discuss wardrobe, and if you’ll be requiring a hair and/or make-up professional on the day of the shoot.

As an option, if there is a specific look you have in mind, you can email over a web link or JPG that inspired the look. A simple Google Images search will help you narrow down the look and feel of what you are after. Our goal is to provide you with the images you need for the look you want. By doing this type of research before we meet, it guarantees that our time together is well spent. This is optional.

Step 2 - Location Selection

Since I do not have a studio space, we will be shooting at a location we select together. This could be at your home, office, a local park, the beach or in any other place. If you do not have a location in mind, I have a number of options available local to the Greenacres, FL area. We do this before your shoot because some locations will require a permit or special permission.

Most professionals prefer the convenience of shooting headshots on-location. It saves them both time and travel. By not having a dedicated studio space, I can offer more competitive headshot rates while providing a unique and hassle-free photography service.

If we are shooting something that would require a traditional backdrop or white high-key background, I do have a portable backdrop system that sets up in minutes and will fit in most small conference rooms or offices. I affectionately refer to it as my Mobile Studio Kit.

Step 3 - Day of the Shoot

Depending on how many looks we are shooting, your photoshoot could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. If we have arranged for a hair stylist and/or make-up artist to be there, they will be working with you directly.

The shoot will be fun. You are welcome to bring a friend if you choose. Minors are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please refer to my Photoshoot Preparation Guide for wardrobe, hair and make-up recommendations.

Step 4 - Online Proofing Gallery

The day after we shoot, you will receive an email containing a web link to proof all of the images we shot. The link will bring you to the proofing portion of this website where you can view your own proofing gallery. Each image is watermarked and for proofing purposes only.

I will include with this email a list of my recommended favorite images. This may help you in selecting which ones you would like retouched.

Step 5 - Image Retouching

Once you select which headshots you would like retouched, let me know your choices and I will begin working them. Using a program called Adobe Photoshop CC, I adjust for: color balance, exposure and making you look like your best on your best day.

Typical key areas I focus on are: any blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, teeth color, complexion and any specific area you request. The retouch will look natural and not overdone. Within two business days, you will have a retouched proof version in your email box for approval.

Step 6 - Final Approval

During this final stage, you can request 1 further round of retouching or simply approve the image. Additional retouching is only $50 per additional retouch. After you have approved your photo, your final headshots will then be emailed to you in both print-ready and web-ready high-resolution file types. A copy of my photographer release will be included for your records.